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Magazine "Administracja"

Sciences on administration, and especially on public administration, are objects of vivid interest by various circles of readers: first of all by practitioners, but also by students of various fields of administrative studies. To meet such interests WSPIA University of Rzeszow has decided to establish a quarterly called „Administracja (teoria – dydaktyka – praktyka)” [“Administration (theory – didactics – practice)”]. The Scientific Council of the magazine has agreed that it will present works on widely conceived sciences on administration: administrative law, administrative policy, science on administration, history of administration, theory of organization, etc. The permanent sections include primarily scientific studies and articles, and practically meaningful comments, commentaries, decisions of domestic and EU courts, discussions on parliamentary Bills that are more important for administration. We also publish works on didactic experience. A separate section has been devoted by the Editors to didactic activity of higher schools concerning sciences on administration (information on and reviews of didactic curricula, information on and reviews of academic handbooks) and to information about the concluded procedures for the degrees of a doctor and a habilitated doctor, as well as data about the persons who have been conferred the title of a professor. It is not excluded that we will publish news about scientific life of various schools: information about domestic and international conferences that are important from the viewpoint of administration. The Scientific Council has decided that in order to assure the proper level of works, only reviewed papers are published. Author’s fees will be paid for articles approved for printing.